About the Artist
Animals may not speak in real life, but for Karen Derrico they speak volumes on canvas. Using vivid colors and dimensional brush strokes in a semi-impressionistic style, Karen’s talent for bringing animals to life through her art is gaining widespread recognition. Her popular painting of a baby pig on a blanket created a bidding war at a star-studded fundraiser at the Plaza Hotel in New York, and other animal art by Karen has raised thousands of dollars for animal organizations around the country.

About the Artwork
It may have started at age five with a simple box of Crayolas, but in stark technological contrast, Karen’s artwork today is created exclusively with the use of advanced digital painting tools. Make no mistake, however, hers is anything but push-button artistry. Just as any traditional artist, Karen starts with a blank “canvas,” and paints stroke by stroke to create her artwork, using photographs as a reference. A wireless digital paintbrush replaces a bristle brush, and archival inks are used instead of paint. Upon completion, the artwork is printed on high-grade artist canvas. Even at close range, Karen's work is nearly indistinguishable from paintings created with traditional art tools.Visit the Before & After Gallery to see the amazing transformation from original photograph to finished artwork.

About Painting 4 Paws
A lifelong animal lover and advocate, Karen conceived Painting 4 Paws to help animals in need on an ongoing basis through her art. In addition to raising funds to benefit animals, Karen's heartwarming artwork of rescue animals speaks on behalf of thousands of dogs, cats, and other animals who may never have the chance they deserve for a loving home. Since 2004, Painting 4 Paws has raised more than $25,000 for animal charities around the country.

15-25% of proceeds from commissioned paintings, adopted artwork, and and other art purchases benefit animal rescue and welfare organizations.Subscribe to the Painting 4 Paws newsletter to see new artwork and to receive the latest news on Painting 4 Paws fundraising events, media coverage, and more.


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